Cut Friends Lyrics

Artist: Camoflauge

Say it ain't
Come here lil' ma, come here
What ya name, eh
I got a man
You got a man
Oh, your name 'You Got A Man'
Aight, I'm Camoflauge
Yea, I'm Camoflauge
I don.., I don't wanna be your man
I, I, I just wanna be your friend, yea

[Verse 1]
Say it ain't, lil' mama what's yo' name and shhh...
I'ma get straight to the point, I ain't wit no games and shhh...
I wanna be your friend
You gots a baby and a bin
Hit a playa up, I come through on ya and slide in
Oh, ya got a man
Well that's cool, I ain't tryna be that
Cut friends, you never been with me and you could be that
I ain't kissin' and tellin' like yellin'
Baby we can keep it on the down low
You down with what I'm down for
Late night creepin', yo' man won't even suspect you cheatin'
And if I see you in the streets I ain't lookin' or speakin'
But when we meetin' we freakin' and thats fo' sho'
Oh, and we can keep it on the low
Ain't nobody gots to know
Tell ya daddy that 'cha goin' out wit'cha homegirl
Cuz tonight me and you gone get up in our own world
Get a suite, blow on a sweet, tear up the sheets
And if ya wanna, we can do this here again next week

[Hook] 4x
Let's be, cut friends cut friends
You and I on the low
La-da-da creepin', cheatin'
Can we play tonight

[Verse 2]
Miss Hottie Mama what's happenin' Ain't you..
Yea I be rappin'
How 'bout you forget all that yappin'
And put yo' number on the napkin, and let me call you
Ecstasy swishers, sweet alcohol ya if the *err* right
The *urssy* tight, baby I'll stall you
Oh, I got a man
That's cool, I see his name tattooed on ya *erry*
Here go my beeper number, just hit me
And we can roll out, get Dro'ed out, get a pode out
Two old fold real don't nobody gotta know about
Park yo' Honda on my parkin' lot in front of the sto'
Jump in with me, hit the highway, to the room we go
Oh, no, I need to get a box of rubbers
So I can, get that throat, then jump in the covers
Shower up and drop you off, so you can get with your lover
Call me up later baby girl, when you ready to cut again
Hit the weed, smash off in the whip
Hey, lil' mama let's play

[Hook] 4x

[Verse 3]
Baby girl can we kick it, I'm sorry if I'm too explicit
It's just that you without no clothes on got me dizzy
I like yo' size, the look in yo' eyes
That thing between yo' thighs, can I push inside
Do you wanna roll wit me, hit out the Mo' wit me
Freak, from the bed to the flo' wit me, but no hickeys
Forget ya man, you with a player tonight
We can pop a couple of bottles, just to make it right
And after that, I'ma try an break your back, get'cha from the back
Make you feel it in ya stomach, ask you 'How ya luv that'
Me and you ducked off, gettin' our nuts off
Cut off ya cellular phone, girl let's get lost

[Hook] 8x

Let's be lada-da
Lada-dada-da-da [4x]

Da da, lada-dada-da-da [4x]
Lada-da [3x]

Cut friends, cut friends...

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Artist: Camoflauge

Title: Cut Friends

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