07 Get In My Car Lyrics

Artist: Mac

Uh huhhh
Uh huhhh
I'm a straight guerilla wit it
Cold hearted killa wit it
Any nigga gettin outta line can get it
I make it hot
Motherfuckas freeze up when I come through
Mac 10 32 shot clip in my snorkel
I might smile and say whats up
But I don't fuck wit you niggas
My rap money slow up
I run up on u niggas
I'm on the edge
I'm just waiting on a nigga to push me
Put my hand on my strap
What u lookin at pussy
We aint buddys we aint partners and we damn sure aint friends
Some much chrome on my Benz you see ya face in my rims
If your bitch wanna roll I'ma let her get in
I don't play but im a playa til the motherfuckin end
I got no pick up lines
I stay on the grind
I tell the hoes all the time
Bitch get in my carbitch get in
Got my 64 ridin on Dayton spokes
And when I open that door
Bitch get in my car
dont tell me you dont know that uhh
I'm the shiiit
Man you betta watch your gurl man
I leave with your bitch
I aint standing these hoes man Im about my paper
If your bitch really bout it nigga im gon' take her
Back seat of my jeep
Fuck til I fuck up her makeup
Take her to the Diamond District introduce her to Jacob
Tell her if she like me she should keep me icy
My game fuck with a bitch brain till she think she wifey
Spend her life savings in a day cause she likes me
Commitment for me
Ahnah not likely
When I with Vivica
I Thought I was onto somethin
But then the next week nah man it was nothing
Look into the windows of my soul
The eyes neva lie
They bloodshot red
It's ganja in my system im high
First it's pain when you lust for my love
Then it's smooth and calm
Feel the rush like the needles in your arm
It's a cold world baby girl
Lovin me is not enough
Find out when you fuckin broke
Love won't get you on the bus
Man you should see the pretty bitches that be sexin me
They suck cock to make em hot
I just let em stand next to me
Hundred percent thug
Freak too I'll taste your love
69's the position
Your mouth's full baby huh
My conversation's so deep
I get in your head
Next thing you know you yawnin
Turnin over and im in your bed
I got no pick up lines I stay on the grind
Quit playin bitch get in
You know ya wanna ride wit a nigga
50 Cent
G-G-G-G-G-G Unit

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