Stuntin Lyrics

Artist: Jadakiss

Yeah ha-ha, the way we shine
The way we grind, Play-N-Skillz
Big Tuck big bucks, we don't give a fuck
Yeah we shining we grinding, hey let's go

[Big Tuck]
The big boss man, with a boss plan
I got a loft man, you can run laps and
Without touching some'ing, it ain't much of nothing
But a lil' luxury, five place surround bumping
Get your paper right, you a stunner right
My house where the sight, living room Harley bike
We'll out-stunt that, Houston I'll stunt back
600 fuck that, McClaren nigga black on black
Plus a Maybach, dub-deuce black flat
I'll mase cats, box Chevy stretch that
I'm on another level, you better come too
Bring your funds too, new stones aqua blue

[Hook *scratching*]
Chain froze up, chain froze up
In a big body, in a big body
Chain froze up, chain froze up
In a big body, in a big body
Five leather change, five leather change
Five leather change, five-five leather change
Break bread with me, break bread with me
Break bread with me, five-five leather change

[Big Tuck]
Teeth stay glowing, Crys' stay po'ing
Hoes stay hoe'ing, they niggaz ain't knowing
Money making here, ain't no faking here
Ain't no stopping here, big house and belvedier
All my diamonds clear, meet me at the Cube Appear
Cocaine Pier, come back with a souvenir
I'm a cookie cooker, call me cookie booker
Grade A fish scale, like pure sugar
You know the caine'll hook ya, make ya hook a hooker
Where your bitch at, I guess them pimps took her
Well let that hoe go, bug you a kilo
If it ain't Cuban, fine you an amigo


[Big Tuck]
Gotta get this cash, pop tags Louis bags
You at Six Flags, we tour at six flags
Keep a big stack, hood mall-rats
That is a fact, I got a big mack
Ain't it ain't a burger, bang may scurr ya
Stud custom inserts, and they will serve ya
New Gucci linen, rap style's forbidden
Paris, France, New York even Great Britain
You soft as a kitten, your hobbies are needless
I'm swinging they miss us, rap deadly when bitten
Your cubics are foggy, my diamonds stay glossy
Haters they lost me, cocoa Foose in my swaucey


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