Sea Lion Lyrics

Artist: Sage Francis

The force of my love was strong
The Sea Lion lay down long
Song in the air, why should singer care?
When singer can be among song

Ma, ma, look what I did, ma
Look what i did to my hands, I broke 'em
You gave me the stone, gave me the chisel
Didn't say how to hold 'em

Didn't say to give away every piece of the puzzle
Till I was left with nothin'
But I took it upon myself to crush it up
And distribute the dust

Get in the bus, hop in the van
Jump in the water, crawl to the land
Build another castle out of sand
Break it down and then get into the saddle again

I'm going city to city, I'm already lost
Tell the boss who is new in town
I'll ride this horse till it it bucks me off
And I'm forced to shoot it down

I'll take him out for some gasoline
Trade this cow for some magic beans
Gonna make mom proud of the deals that I made
'Cause I'm just a modern day Johnny Appleseed

But I'm glad that I never passed the genes
And I never put down the axe
Piano man got a checkered dance floor to grace
And a painful look on his face

'Cause the crowd is packed and the louder they clap
The less he is able to make the connection between what he sees
When he hears certain notes and the hurt
That is shown in his facial expression ah

I don't need your "Go ahead" to go ahead
No, I know no one said it was gonna be easy
But sweet Jesus who wants to sleep with me?
Too many moves to learn

Not enough people to put 'em on
Look it, mom, no hands
I built this suit of armor with wooden arms
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