We Some Dogs Lyrics

Artist: Method Man

feat. Redman, Snoop Dogg
[Redman][Chorus repeats 2x]
If I'm a dog, then we some dogs
We all gunna chase cats, tell them dog
Girl don't waste that swallow it all
We just some dogs, we just some dogs

[Method Man]
By any means necessary, it's on
Bitch, your fucking with a dog, all I wanna do is bury some bones
Take a piss on a tree and I'm gone, girlfriend don't get it wrong
I hate to be the one to shit on your lawn, but I ain't got my dog license
I ain't nothing nice, and I ain't never met a piece of pussy I ain't liking
Sugar and spicing, kicked up with ice and, you can do anything with these hoes
Except housewife them, like snoop said it ain't nothing but a G thing
Got a bitch in my bed, in nothing but a g-string, so peep game
Who the lucky female to taste these, snips and snails and puppy dog tails huh
You're messing with me, I'm messing with you, I'm a dog trick
I chase cats like Peppy La Pu, dead on shit
My life's like a Holiday Inn, if my girl act up
I'm gunna fuck her friend, if I'm a what...

[Chorus] [2x]

I'm a dog motherfucker, I walk on all fours
Find where you live at, shit on your porch, Redman is hungry
Don't leave the food out, I'm pumped like a Pamela Anderson boob job
Straight up bulldog, mixed with a Shinshuu cause I bullshit, party a little bit
Swim with the shark, you're bound to drown
my weed is like green, and yours
Brown, the doctor the dog, from Cali to Georgia
when cats meow with noting on top they halter
I don't have Yemen that laugh when I laugh
we some dogs, we can kiss our own ass
Like a golden retriever, retrieving the chronic
the dose nose bitch, and no need to hide it
Redman a flirt, always get my nuts stuck to the porch
like the dog on Joe Dirt


[Snoop Dogg]
Fish don't fry in the kitchen, bitch don't climb, keep bitching
Beans don't burn on the grill, 3, 4, 5
with the pimping, hoes get your pimps permission
Now pay attention, the big D-O double to the G-O
to the liquor store to crack a hoe and get some VO VO
And mix it with some pena colidino
then slip it on the bitch then I dip with all her c-notes
Scandalous, yep bitch cause we know
every pretty hoe always down to pull a d-low
On me No, so there wont be no shaking me down
breaking me down, here we go
You know I'm just oh so slick
the way you chew that bubble gum, the way you sucking a dick
And I can tell, that you a freak
I wanna stick some dick up in you can I skeet, skeet
Don't you know why

[Chorus] [Repeating till fade]

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