Reprieve Lyrics

Artist: Standing Egg

Ani Difranco-Reprieve

Manhattan is an island
Like the women who are
Surrounded by children in the car
Surrounded by cars

Or manhattan was a project
That projected the worst of mankind
First one and then the other
Has made its mark on my mind

It's sixty years later
near the hypo-center of the a-bomb
I'm standing in the middle of hiroshima
Watching a twisted old eucalyptus tree wave
One of the very few lives
that survived and lives on
Remembering the day
it was suddenly thousands of degrees
In the shade

And what all of nature gave birth to
Terror took in a blinding raid
With the kind of pain
It would take cancer so many years just to say

Oh to grow up gagged and blindfolded
A great big mans world in your little girls head
The voice of the great mother drowned out
In the constant honking haunting
the accident scene up ahead
Oh to grow up hypnotized
and then try to shake yourself awake
Cause you can sense what has been lost
Cause you can sense what is at stake

Yeah it took me a few years
to catch on that those days
I catch everyone's eye
Correspond with those nights of the month
when the moon gleans like an egg in the sky
And men are using a sense they don't even know
they have just to watch me walk by
And me, I'm supposed to be sensible,
leave my animal outside to cry
But when all of nature conspires
to make me her glorious whore
It's cause in my body
I hold the secret recipe of precisely
what life is for

And the patriarchy that looks to shame me for
it is the same one making war
And I've said too much already
but I'll tell you something more
To split yourself in two
is just the most radical thing you can do
So girl if that shit ain't up to you,
then you simply are not free
Cause from the sunlight on my hair
to which eggs I grow to term
To the expression that I wear,
all I really own is me

I mean to split yourself in two
is just the most radical thing you can do
Goddess forbid that little adam
should grow so jealous of eve

And in the face of the great farce
of the nuclear age
Feminism ain't about equality,
it's about reprieve

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