Mustard & Mayonnaise Lyrics

Artist: E 40

Throw me a bone and some crumbs watch me turn it over and flip it

Ballatician, man, ballaholic I'm ballerific

Stop and listen give me yo undivided attention

40 talk like E.F. Hutton... shhhh, people listen

Man that boy there right there be clownin he do the foo!

Hustle Charlie water that playa there hella coo!

Often imitated but never dismemblicated

Kilo grams of coke and that broccoli I used to weigh it

Smokin' Ahfganny in the candy blue drop the mail

On my way to Richmond to buy me some new apparel

Bendin' corners, gettin' it quick and talkin bout lookin'

"There go fonzerelli I'm feelin that mans music"

Won't you quit that shit you be talkin, its big spit

Later for them suckas they tardy they ain't hit

Disobeying ???? from you ??? don't let her see

Get you're wonder bread pepperoni watch it increase

[Chorus x2]

Mustard and Mayonnaise! Tennis shoes, lowenheart, drivers lorenzos, 22's

Big bread, big spread, big scratch,big cars, turf hogs, Cadillacs

Watchout ersky perky it's seldom you see me thirsty

Gatorade bottle full of Burgundy Carlos Rossy

Lift yo head high, we might take you up out yo body

Me and my mossy motherfuckers life of the party

Give it to me baby you know what I'm lookin fo'

A super ghetto hoe, big ol' ass like J-Lo

Club packed, like a Detroit hair show

Dug that, she can teach the wind how to blow

She can teach frosty how to snow, right, glow

in the dark lay, night, fireworks, sparklight, ALL-night

Ride her like Olympic style tour de' france bike

Brand new upholstery, flambostly out wit the fellas

In the hotel lobby wit honey gettin jealous

Ain't nobody trippin', but patna, he outta line

Spray myself with sucker-repellent pulled out my nine

[Chorus x2]

I got a shortage of supply and demand when its drought

Buy low, sell high, my marble route

Know about the weather before its about to change

My repo, they distribute, they repo be drivin planes

Watch out for them folks and them K-9's sniffin them thangs

Bricks, kicks, hittin MC's and door panels man

I run my game from Frisco to Maine, pimpin long range

Fast quarter fuck a slow nickel thats chump change

Place your order, high yellow jazzy, light bright and almost like

Chocolate trailer trashy mcnasty throw away but now she's classy

Cuz her sugar daddy done put her up in the sink

Washed her up got her dressed in hot pink in mink

[Chorus x2]

Gotta ride on vogues when we fly by

Underlay ??? Bonita bye bye

Mustard and mayonnaise smokin up at the sky light

You can't touch my vogues baby bye bye..
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