Less Than An Hour Lyrics

Artist: Nas

feat. Cee-Lo

[Cee-Lo Nas]
Uh-oh, yeah

Mr. International
The man centerfold women loathe
Voice bump out the Bose in a tinted Rolls
Craftiness, take a stab at it
Don't ask if Nasty's back at it
I don't run out of magic
Popular, box-cutter flow
Time is money; the watch cost dough
Shaking the dice, fragrances from some beautiful ladies
The lights, the ambiance, yeah, this is the life
The money, hotties on each arm--It's on
I party like a rap star, baby the facts are
The third time's a charm
So meet me by the Eiffel Tour
Bring a bottle of Dom

I am here I am here
This is the place This is the place
The atmosphere of espionage at expensive tape
And each one that I see is an unfamiliar face
So I guess I'll just cut straight through the chase
And before I could say the name of whom I came to see
Someone suspicion then came to me
I'm so close and I've come so far
A glass of red wine sits from the women at the end of the bar
I love to talk to you - but I don't have the time
She looks like the prettiest part of a perfect crime
Ohh if I could I could I'd put a picket fence around a wild flower
But darling I have Less Than an Hour
I.... have Less Than an Hour
I.... have Less Than an Hour
Hmmmm... Ohhhh... Funny how time flies when you're having fun
Nas: Yeah, let' em know But I got to do what must be done

You on a winning streak
You survived the killer streets
Now you at the crap table, where the real villains meet
Number seven might get you to Heaven
You break the bank, just might make you a legend
It's after eleven, you playing against a poker face
Genie eyes, light green, sipping on Bellini's
You play your cards right, she'll let you touch
She'll be a devil in disguise, lady incubus
Better know who to trust
She might roll with thugs who roll bodies up in Asian rugs
I'ma rush up and move on 'em, put the uz' on 'em
The crews do something new, inform me

I.... have Less Than an Hour
Ohhh... time will wait baby
I.... have Less Than an Hour
Ew-ohhh.... ewwwwwwwww.... hmmmmm..
I'm in the pursuit of my own personal power
And I only have an hour

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