Subway Lyrics

Artist: Lunachicks

I wonder what goes on
I wonder what I? find
Behind all the eyes
behind all the eyes

I wonder who lives there
Beyond the walls of lies
I see the hurt and the drain
I see the lost and the gain

Then I wonder what they all do
(I wasn? listening to you)
When they go home
(I wasn? hearing a word of it!)
Where are they goin to?
Are they going blind?
(I was stone I was shot)

Well I don? know anymore
I can? know anymore
Cuz I cannot control
What isn? mine

I see the wrinkles and veins
I see the broken dreams and pain
I?e wondered ever since birth
I?e wondered what is worth!

Yeah and when I looked yo the door
It? what I saw
And I saw you
As your stare tears thru my eyeballs
I wanna rip-rip into you

Well do they wonder of me?
(I wasn? listening to you)
So I sit back and focus on
(I wasn? hearing a word of it!)
What? mine!
(I was stone I was shot)

Excuse me, excuse me!
Are you listening to me?
This is my stop
And I gotta get out!
I gotta get out!
I gotta get out!
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