My Man Lyrics

Artist: Eagles

LRC Produced By Prince William
Eagles-My Man

Tell me the truth,
how do you feel
Like you're rollin' so fast
that you're spinnin' your wheels
Don't feel too bad,
you're not all alone
We're all tryin' to get along

With ev'rybody else
try'n' to go their way
You're bound to get tripped,
and what can you say
Just go along
'til they turn out the lights
There's nothin' we can do to fight it

No man's got it made
till he's far beyond the pain
And we who must remain
go on living just the same

I once knew a man,
very talented guy
He's sing for the people
and people would cry
They knew that his song
came from deep down inside
You could hear it in his voice
and see it in his eyes

And so he traveled along,
touch your heart,
then be gone
Like a flower,
he bloomed till that old hickory wind
Called him home

My man's got it made
He's gone far beyond the pain
And we who must remain
go on living just the same

We who must remain
go on laughing just the same

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