Zoom Lyrics

Artist: Lil Boosie

??:Tata Young
Tata Young-Zoom
? danfeng927??
Zoom Zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don't rush
You can look but don't touch
You think you know
When u see me in my videos
How the story goes
But that's just the side that I expose
Look through the lens
You see my body, not who I am...
So don't pretend
And try to act like you're my boyfriend
You wanna get somewhere
Then boy don't touch me there
Just get up close and personal, personal
Zoom zoom into my head
Gotta want me and not my bed
Boy, prove your love
You won't behave
Your hands are all over the place
Barely know your name
You're tryin' to score but it's not a game
Boy, get a clue
Yeah, u gotta spend the time, pay your dues
Following the rules
If you want me to want to be with you
Don't you dare
Touch me there
If you want to get somewhere
Zoom in get to know me
boy, don't rush

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