Don't Let Me Down Lyrics

Artist: Big K.R.I.T.

See, they wonder why we ride high
Why we get high
Shit, it's just to get by
See, some days, sometimes, the world lets you down
And you can't do nothing but fall
This is for y'all

Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down (uh-uh-uh-uh-oh)
Don't let me down

[Verse 1]
See, we be going through some things
Police hit the block and make it hard for us to hang
My girl bitch 'cuz all I ever do is swing and bang
Pourin' up I swear my liver never be the same
A pint of Hen'll get me in, help to ease the pain
World fucked up and I can't seem to leave the game
So I continue bending corners, bitches switching lanes
Ain't trippin' on the sun, sometimes I'd rather feel the rain
Get high to maintain, don't let me down


I made some things that I regret, but that's just how it be
I lost some friends, fucked up some money, but stayed on my feet
I did all I could in my city so I have to bounce
I signed my deal and got more haters than I care to count
But I can't fault them for their feelings 'cuz I know the score
It's hard to celebrate for others when you're dying poor
So I keep rolling low-key, DOLO, trying not to stunt
I crank my system 'til it's clipping then I let it thump
Put all my problems in my cup while I grip the wheel
There's too much money to be had, I ain't sitting still
A country boy trying to make these petty ends meet
I learned my lesson, can't trust these niggas 'cuz they envy
Can't stop no show, I'm about this dough, and that's all I can say
Thank god for everything, I coulda died like yesterday
Make room for me in case my plane just ain't meant to fly
I hope you feel if I fall from the sky, hollering out don't let me die

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