Broken Down Lyrics

Artist: Jeremih

Jeremih - Broken Down
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Thought you were my star
Thought you were the moon
But since you come down here
I sit so confused
What more can I do
Too speechless to say
They told me that love would
never feel this way
See down in my heart
I gave it a hunet and one percent all the time
Thinking that I
Could live out these eh-ep-si-si- isodes
No reruns suppose
But then I lied and we stayed in rewind
And Now I'm broken down
Now I'm broken
Can't say I was blind
I seen this before
For your full attention
It seems I'm at war
Consistently more
There's no more to prove
This treasure hunts over
I found all the clues
But then I lied this heck is divine
And now I'm broken down
Now I'm broken down
U make it hard to hold u down, down
But still make it hard to do without, out
How do u live with your mistakes, stakes
But then again
Why do
I stay

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