Star_Wars_ Lyrics

Artist: Hot Panda

[Kool Keith]
Yo, Kool Keith
Bronx in the house
Y'all know how to ill, I'ma take you to the real
Challenge the ill, brother to God
You just a ancestor, you know the shit dyker
You ride around Manhattan as a gay biker
Non-homo, you a gay hiker
Trust funds one on your nose
Lethal injections, front row at the Source Awards
My public shocked, pee on publicity
The urine splash off the Billboards
The top MC to me is Traci Lords, get what I mean
Man, Traci Lords
Plastic fake like your backup band with drum setup
Guys blowin horns
With light Twinkie sounds on your keyboards
Y'all mad at each other

Y'all want Star Wars
Y'all want Star Wars
Y'all want publicity, y'all want Star Wars
Y'all want them Star Wars

[Kool Keith]
My job is to utilize beats like this
Rap on beats like this, you know the amplitude, is rude
Mad planet at Sizzler
Ballers love the open bar but they're secrets with the seasoning
Type of hyper king to defecate in your food
Ask Tommy King from the health department
I put the urine stains in the mansion
That's $75 a apartment
All secret toilets well
Number one rapper, go in the public bathroom
Don't even stop at Shell, around Puerto Rican Day parade
Blacks feel it, relax under my {}
Your family is Frankie Beverly, cats spit out the Maze

Y'all want them Star Wars
Y'all want that publicity
Y'all want them Star Wars
Y'all want that publicity

[Kool Keith]
Teachers from Del Monte used to Bath And Bodyworks
Familiar, when I'm layin in the cut
Watch me front in a 310 car blastin Ashanti
Or Maury Santana, scatter takin the honies out to Panda Express
For the Panda's best, girl the exttravagance is lovely
Though the business is about to go down
Take you down to the alley, where you think the top models buy the dress
Easy on the hot wings, baby you got 2 real players
You better share them things
I wear the real, you flaunt the costume
Flash your bubblegum rings, like they new
Tomorrow watch the Japanese dress, y'all follow
That's right

Y'all want the Star Wars
Y'all want the publicity
Y'all want them Star Wars
Publicity in action
Y'all want the Star Wars y'all want the Star Wars

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Artist: Hot Panda

Title: Star_Wars_

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