Don't Walk Away Lyrics

Artist: Danger Danger

You've got something on your mind, cause lately babe, seems
We don't connect and you seem so far away
Your silence shuts me out, it's an evil thing, it just eats
Away at this tender lover we made

So, don't put it away, communicate
Cause, when you you're ready to talk it will be too late
I've gotta get on with what I do
So, let me know I've got an open heart in you
Don't think about your pride, don't keep it all inside,
We've got nothing, nothing to hide

Please, turn around, talk to me,
don't walk away angry angry, baby
Please, work it out, face to face,
don't walk away angry angry, baby

You use to be so real, there was nothin' baby that we
Couldn't say, we could talk all through the night
Now I watch you when you sleep and it's hard to know
What you're dreaming of, cause, you face the other side



Connect the heart with the mind, open the door and yes
You'll find, the words you left behind...
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