Let Me Be The One Lyrics

Artist: Dj Bobo

Let me be the one,
Let me be the one, who guides you in your life
Forever and ever
You're the one,
The one I really want, you took my heart
Since we are together

Vers 1:
I miss you like crazy
When you're not there
Magic vibrations are still in the air
I'm thinking about you
Wherever I am
This is how I'm feeling

Our love will last forever
Through the darkness of the night
You give me strength, you give me love
With you the sun is shining bright

Vers 2:
Wherever you are
There is my home
When you're not around I'm feeling alone
I wish you were here
Right by my side
I am waiting for you

When you hold me tight
You take my breath away
Whenever we're together
I never felt this before
In my life

Girl, let me be the one
To guide you through the night
Girl, let me be the one
This is how I feel

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