The Book Of Daniel Lyrics

Artist: Al Green

feat. Bashton the Invisible Man, Mez

[Intro - Bashton the Invisible Man]
I met this kid he seemed righteous
Represented knowledge
Yeah, him and his brother they was real smart
But then his brother died and he was taken in by a grand master
And from what I hear this kid Sambo was a snake
A rat, he stole shit and ran away to another state
Microchip bitch

[Verse 1 - GRIMM]
I don't deep fry friends
Grimm Reaper nuke 'em
Hearts don't mend
Brothers turned to enemies
Nigga, enemies I eat them raw
Nigga, MF GRIMM is god of war
Parole done, see you on tour
Millions get paid, lets see who make more
Master water
Cause man is mostly made of it
Spit fire consume by friends compete for oxygen
Freeze deepness of minds
Then skate on it
Roast fire proof emcees with bad warranties
War is a part of me
Prison hardened me
Demons tried to murder me
Pistols always poppin' me
Leadconvicts my flesh
But God pardons me
Revenge, was turning descendants
So God, pardon me
Put yourself in danger
Running with a mouse
Metal turned to braces
Punch you in your mouth
Zev Luv X, used to be merry
The mask took control of you
Like Jim Carrey
Megalon, tap him in the jaw
Knock it off him
M.I.C. got to put your mask in a coffin
Mos Def, De La soul
Roots can't revive you
When the bullets start flying
Who's gonna hide you
Rhymesayers, Stones Throw
Nature Sounds sign you
Make peace with you
Zev I I tried to

[Chorus - Bashton the Invisible Man]
You can hide behind the mask
But see through like glass
Thought you was the truth
But your style's like ass
Cut-throat bitch
Man you got no class
Little black Sambo
Shouldn't talk trash


[Verse 2 - Mez]
Midgets into crunk
Monkeys in a cage
Murderers in a cut
Fucking you up on stage
Tell them about the time
That Gunn punched you in the face
Basically you was hating
And then you ran away
You ain't a man, you a character
I bet that mask make you feel a lot scarier
Cause man to man is your doom
Like we're parallels
M.I.C. will see you soon at your burial
Listen Vicky you not goons, you cartoons
Your hype man is not Grimm, that's not him
What you speak is not true, that's not you
Your team's weak, I'll pop them, then pop you
Smog made ya mask
Jet Jag made your name
M.I.C. gave you life
And we can take that shit away

[Verse 3 - GRIMM]
I didn't wanna get at you
You know this is true
One thing that stopped me
Was Lord Dihoo
But now you're being
Disrespectful to me and the crew
Now I gotta do, what I gotta do
M.J. did articles, she got your name hot
The mask was made for you by Lord Scotch
X-Ray gave you studio time when in town
Rodan and Megalon, them brothers held you down
Evil jay, had you paranoid like a clown
Jumped off stage and ran when Kong came around
We looked out for each other when you lived uptown
On the cover of the EP, but look at us now
Chess is life, we haven't played off late
But even on the cover, I put your ass in mate
We been through so much, Zev you was close to me
Used to come trough your house, buy your ass groceries
I wrote the whole treatment to your MF video
With Adam Lounge and Ricky 'Kid' Scotchno
Hundred thousand dollar bail caught up and I called you
Fired my attorney, you helped me get a lawyer
You took me in, let me stay out in Atlanta
Facing 15 to life, we bounced out to Cali
You made sacrifices, recorded on the run
We bust our ass, and got Ibylis done
I made a mistake, told the press you hold dough
I see now its my fault, they didn't need to know
I apologized to you, I thought we let it go
B.B. King's, New York, together did a show
But look at us now, once again, here we go
Money wasn't worth it, it turned us into foes
Whenever you had beef, your beef was mine
I took a life for you, put mine on the line

Doing songs with RZA
That's funny shit
I remember you told me
That he bit Tick, Tick...
You said Ghost was whack
You didn't like his style
Two-faced and three-headed
Bitch I pull your file
New food poisoning
You vomit for a while
You started some shit
Now you sitting on a pile
Metal face, tin foil
Walk the green mile

How could you ever diss M.I.C.
Yves St. Lerock yes R.I.P.
How could you ever diss M.I.C.
Big Al R.I.P.
How could you ever diss M.I.C.
J. Black R.I.P.
How could you ever diss M.I.C.
Subroc R.I.P.
How could you ever diss M.I.C.
K. Nit R.I.P.
How could you ever diss M.I.C.
T. Collins R.I.P.

What the fuck happened to you man
You fell the fuck off man
Niggaz used to love you, motherfucker
Come home man
Come home, Zev Come on
Don't let them niggaz brainwash you man
I know your fans love you man
They love you
You getting brainwashed

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