Twilight Lyrics

Artist: Corpus Delicti

All is quiet, the motion's cold
I face the wind as I'm taking the road
I take a breath in the arresting air
From the trees, thousands of voices
And the light goes darker as I walk
As I dream, as I sink, I escape in the night
And watch the others' life
I take a breath in the air
All these moments are doubtful
Like a rose they are bursting to the eye
As I walk in the twilight
There's a shape now that comes through
There were better times, there bettter times
The eyes wide-open, no more scared of anything
There were better times, there were better times
My look wide-open, slipping to horizon
The weight away from me, I felt as safe as free
I thought the world was half a kind of crazy, gentle heaven

And the noise that I can touch
Gives me flesh creep and terror
As I know I'm undoubtedly alone
In a world that can never give hope
Who cares... Not even you
Reach out your hands I'm down
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Artist: Corpus Delicti

Title: Twilight

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