In Here Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wyte

(Hook 2x)

im the drunkest(wat) highest wat) crunkest(wat) toughest(wat) buckest(wat)roughest(wat) motherfucker in here the rawest(wat) hardest(wat) wildes(wat) smartest(wat) coldest(wat) tightest(wat) motherfucker in here


you can step the fuck up off uv me (bitch)

I dun already told you u aint stoppin me (bitch)

we killers from the camp that got the back uv me (bitch)

you shooda known I waz part of the family (bitch)

before im bout to roc the fuckin industry (bitch)

and plus im reppin memphis tennissee (bitch)

and I aint givin up until im seven feet (bitch)

yes i said seven thatz one more deeper see (bitch)

yall realy do not know watz about to approach (bitch)

Ill kill ya quicker then a some rake could kill a roach (bitch)

Im harder then your dick wen it rub genst the panties (bitch)

could giv a fuck if I dont ever see a grammy (bitch)

im gon keep rocin only wat i know and see (bitch)

and wat I see I write it down and then begin to speak (bitch)

you have no fuckin reason to be hatin me(bitch)

but i guess aggrivation jus come wit bein me (bitch)

(Hook 2x)

(Verse 2)

I woke up early twist tha blunt up (bitch)

stumblin from the night before still fuked up (bitch)

couldnt tell ya wat i did in the last 24 (bitch)

weed xanex and syrup yea im on the floor (bitch)

but dont think that wont stop your jaw from gettin broke (bitch)

I got a bunch uv killers that be on the fuckin scope (bitch)

and plus my killers came wit .44s aimed at ur throat (bitch)

you aint got no time to run and you already know (bitch)

your heart took a pause wen wyte walked in tha door (bitch)

the hoes pussy got moist wen i began to flow (bitch)

and know the subject matter in hands i cop up wit mo (bitch)

the louder i spit my style the crowd will larger grow (bitch)

the bigger the crowd gets the more the money flows (bitch)

the bigger pockets in rocin gon make me giv ya mo (bitch)

I got a destination in life and know thatz for sho (bitch)

infactuated wit music good drugs and fuckin hoes (bitch)

(Hook 2x)

(verse 3)

the name iz lil wyte and ima set ya strate (bitch)

you fuckin wit me you fuckin witn the bay (bitch)

greusome consequences repeat wat you say (bitch)

molded myslef now how could you have made (bitch)

left it all bloody wen i stepped off the stage (bitch)

murdered tha mic and then went out on a rage (bitch)

slicin' n dicin' these rappers headz wit blade (bitch)

your musics amusing but i am not amazed (bitch)

my skill had been sheltered almost like I been caged (bitch)

I been skipped over once and turned to another page (bitch)

like these other dummies that got dropped off this lable (bitch)

Im not gon let this money have me snorttin off the table (bitch)

but im gon make it snappy for approval if im able (bitch)

this here iz not a lie story a fib or even a fable (bitch)

with HCP and lil wyte a perfect combination (bitch)

the crunkest wildest toughest motherfuckers in the nation (bitch)

(Hook 2x)
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