Fudge Pudge Lyrics

Artist: Organized Konfusion

Verse one: prince poetry

Here we go again with the funky intro
People approach me knowin i'm the prince po
E-t, r-y, and i'm the first batter
The pharoah usually go first, but it don't matter
Funky slices of beats like this
Comes once in a blue, but it's not hard for me to chew
So kick off your shoes and don't forget your socks
I wash and wash them emcess like clorox
Skills i have, good and plenty
If you want dope lyrics but still gimmicks gimme
Beats, equivalent to just something that i can
Flow [flow] flow [flow] float onnnnnn
It's gettin heavy so heavy and keep ya coat on
When i, proceed to, light the party
In the summer, somethin like a mardi, gras
Bikinis, panties, bras
Juicin em and i'm suckin the girls up like straws
Oops upside ya dome
I don't answer the phone when i'm home not alone
On the bone
Leave your name and your number and a brief message at the end of the tone
Oooooh, and i like it
Cause i'm poetry the psychic
Intellectual level would rather
Nah, nah i don't like that
{talking} one more time
Rollin lyrics, off the tip of my tongue [swing]
I swing [swing], i swang [swang], i swung [swung]
Bringin you the news like kaity chung
But i'm not a pretty oriental specimen from
'hong kong fooey, numba one supa guy'
I love the women but i don't try to see em
I'd rather make the money bein on the cover of e.m.
Get mcs mad make em flare up nostrils
I'm poetry the rap fanatic i get hostile

Verse two: pharoah monch

Pressure presssure pressure pressure pressure pressure cooker
I leave the party when i mass a lot of hookers
Slip and slide, i slid the sludge
[fudge] fudge [pudge] pudge, but i never hold a grudge
Up against the wall, i caught you with the drugs
[the organism's on the jury] guess who's the judge
I hit the hook heavy
Ready no chitter-chatter i figure since i'm bigger why pitter-patter
Props in no particular poetry persists to pertriculate
You're just a pussy [meow]
Cat when i'm deckin you
Disrespectin you
Clever whenever i select a new dialogue
One plus one get it together
Girls don't despair cause i'll be your 'fair weather friend'
No i don't have a benz and no i don't have an infiniti
I figure the eight inches of me, will be the remedy
Cause when i pull up to the bumper
Cause i'll be down to thump a girl like heather hunter
I tell you now you never hated
The triple x when it comes to sex is what i'm rated
I tell you know that i can give good love
Yes i'm the one you should love
So don't try to diss fudge pudge
'cause it's al-right, with, me'
Kick slick rhymes out of a mouth
Tricky in a joust, plus i'm down with mickey mouse
C'mon everyone, lets flow to the rhy

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