Ballad Of Miss Kate Lyrics

Artist: Matt Costa

You gave me your word, then you took your word back
Where once I had faith now all I see is black
Black seeing black
I gave you up rather than giving in
Where once there was virtue, it's fallen to sin
Black seeing black

You gave me your word
Then you flew like a bird
Never looking back
You can run, you can try
But you won't get away this time

You played me for a fool, in your heart you had deceit
I made you up inside my mind, when finally you I meet
You had turned black turning black
I never could have seen how you'd shoot that 44
You hit me right below the shoulder, I fell to the floor
I'm on my back, on my back

You shot me with your gun
Then you run, run, run, run
Never looking back
You can run into the street
And if you run into the woods
I'll chop you down just like a tree

I rolled into town from years spent in my sleep
The word that the people held was that your price is cheap
Your price is cheap, price is cheap
The house with the red light on and fancy decor
You built your new life hastily so now I find you poor
I find you poor, find you poor

The sheriff found you out
There is guaranteed no doubt
You ain't coming back
We watched you catch a railroad car
That didn't get you very far
And when you finally met your match

Black seeing black

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