Lotus Lyrics

Artist: Secret Garden

??:Hiroshi Sato
???????????? ???????????
?????? ????????????????
????????? My????? and Opa????????
???????????? ????????
?????????????? ????????????
?????? ???????????????
?????????????? ??????????????
???????? ?????
children, stay strong and live for love yeah yeah yeah
The worlds strickin by a sickness, what is this
We witness the world crumble apart into this ocean of wickedness,
Where right wing idealist and other racialists
Be killin each other over some petty differences
And, meaningless deaths leaving mothers left crying on both sides,
Inbeding anger and pain into the ones
who survive and now theres you're reason why
We still stuck in this struggle with this fear in our lives
Another question is what you gonna do
When giving somebody life gonna mean death to you
When letting somebody eat's gonna mean hunger for you
And when dropping the gun's gotta begin with you
Hu, don't matter if your faith is in evolution
Or some sort of religion just look at the beginning and then
You'll find theres no difference with each other,
Just look at them, you killin your own brothers
????????????? ??????????????
?????????????? ???????????????
???? a path to a ??
Dat don't need no ?????? and ???? can live in peace and eat
A ??, where we don't need no ??
A ??, ?????
A ??, where we can love and grow old and
watch our children grow wid ?? and ??
? ????????????? ??????????????
?????????????? ?????????
you gotta remember to all the children of asia
you gotta remember, you are the light of the future!
gotta remember all the children in america
you gotta remember to all the children in europe
gotta remember children of the middle east
gotta remember, you are the light of the future
you gotta you gotta / remember remember
that you are, yes you are / the future?

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