Touched Another Girl Lyrics

Artist: Natasha Thomas

Natasha Thomas - Touched Another Girl
Written: Ashe Watson/Don Curry/Clay Garrett
Editor: FlowerSpider QQ 1878886 ICQ 151476238

Were you everything to me
Or just all I knew
She was right there for the taking
The choice you wound up makin'
Didn't undestand it at the time
I guess your love for me was deaf
And mine was blind
And I wasn't even lookin'
But there she was
And I couln't help but notice
The girl was only half dressed
Didn't think I'd ever change my mind
But baby you can't turn back time
Ever since you touched another girl
I don't even know you anymore
So just show yourself right out the door
It's like you don't exist inside my world
Since you touched another girl
Ever since you touched another chick
All your lies are really gettin' thick
Just so you know I don't give a shhhhh
It's like you've been messin' up my world
Bottom line is you can say your sorry until you're blue
Bottom line is I don't care no more about what you do
And boy frankly
I don't wanna waste another breath on you
And I really don't know why I bothered
Askin' why, listenin' to your excuses
I wanna rewind, cause now I know the truth is
I'm better off alone
I can't forgive this time
I'm done pretending to be blind
I'm letting you go
Nothin' more to know
I gave you my heart and I gave you my soul
You just took it all and you just threw it all
Out the window
You just seen like very other dick
You need to get your ass up out my world

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