Digits Lyrics

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Pay attention.

stop paying for regret.
fossil resources all used up.
make the best use of your time.
you could be on to something.
too skeptic too tired to care.
they all seem to know at once.
sweet muse left me all alone.
there's only my weight left.
euthanasia could be the greatest gift.
wait outside your house to come back out.
edge said it best.
save the long car ride home.
don't leave the house today.
nothing lost but still nothing gained.
no possibilities.
all wasted all gone over.
life means i hear my ears ring one more day.
you all see right through at once.
sweet muse, she won't be around today.
things that i could not say.
are you through yet.
are you gone yet.

you're on and off.
phase in phase out.
cross your heart crash burn and fall.
under cushions hide the change.
so no one knows.
just be careful who you tell.
i really want to care when you say:
i'll change that.
i just don't feel a thing when you say:
we'll get there...

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