Hello Lyrics

Artist: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough - Hello
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang

So you met him at Shoney's and he gave you his card
And he said you'd go out Friday night
Well he's a total stranger
But he's tall and he's cute
Girl am I getting this right
Now didn't we cover all this ground last week
When the last loser left you alone
Now here we are having the same conversation
And I'm wondering if there's anybody listening
Are you listening
Have you even heard a single word I've said
Wake up and smell his cheap cologne
How can I get it through your fairy tale head
Hough phone's ringin girl it's for you
It seems like you're always falling for the same guy
You just change the face and the name
But if you're gonna keep fishing in a pool of shallow water
You cant give the fish all the blame
Now this is how it is
I'm your friend and I love you
And I hate to see you hurtin all the time
Now don't you put me on hold cause your call waiting's saying
That your Mr wrong is on the other line
Hough phone's ringing girl it's for you
Hough phone's ringing girls it's for you
Why do I get the feeling I'm not getting through

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