Love Is A Spirit Lyrics

Artist: The Winans

There was a tme I needed to get away
So I went to Gary, Indiana for about five days
While I was there talking to God
Going over my life and pouring out my heart

He revealed to me such a mystery
That it stayed with me as I went to sleep
And when I arose on the next day
These were the words that I could hear him say

Jesus gave us for you to hear it
(said) "Love is a spirit"

(that's what I heard Him say)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
It's more than a feeling, more than a notion
More than affection, more than emotion

More than simple words you say
More than I love you on a wedding day

It is life to me, it's reality
It is something that we all need

It is what the world is made of
You see love is God and God is love

Chorus x2

We've tried so many substitutes
To gain the results that love will produce
Many tried to comprehend on their own
Thins that only through the spirit can be known

See its no in riches or the things you possess
Its placing your life in the Father's hands
And the love that we need will not be achieved
Til' God's spirit unites with man's

Chorus x2

Love is patient and love is kind
You know that Love is a spirit

Love will ease a troubled mind
You that Love is a spirit

Love gives up self and helps his fellow man
You see Love is a spirit

Love suffers long and love will understand
You see Love is a spirit

(repeat chorus out)

(sent by PMitchel)
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