Nowhere To Run Lyrics

Artist: Mad Soul Child

Fuck that shit, you know what I'm sayin'
I'm a give a shout out to my niggas
I ain't givin' a shout to no-fuckin'-body, fuck that
Big Baby Jesus in the mother fucking house
Know what I'm sayin'

Unh, come on
I don't walk, I stalk, livin' foul like pork
Shuttin' down underground streets of New York
Hawk is what them niggas call me, 'cause they all be
Suckin' my dick and on my mother fucking balls, G
I know the half, so I laugh wit' 'em
Blood bath went I let the fuckin' rap hit 'em
Full clip, but only half did 'em
That's all it took, another crook
Taken out over a dirty look
I bag game with niggas I leave shot dead
You're only taken a piss from me with hot led
You know my style faggot, 'cause I'm always schemin'
In jail, niggas holdin' a sink screamin'
Police, but you got no peace
Yo, was that you big man, and alot mo' grease
All I gets is pounds, you ain't want none of this

[Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne]
Ain't nowhere to run 'cause I be runnin' this
Ain't nowhere to hide come on
Ain't nowhere to go 'cause I be runnin' this
Reaper saved your soul come on

[Ozzy Osborune]
Surroned by the colors, I see crimson, black and blue come on
Locking open doors again, I'm still afraid of you straight up, mother fucker
Light to dark, then light again, I always thought I knew come on
Young to old and young again, what's left for me to do straight up
Center of the universe, collecting me in time come on
I'm falling down upon the earth, and singing truth in rhyme come on
If I was a rolling stone, I'd roll until I'm through come on
And if I was a garden I would bloom in black for you Dirt Dog in effect


ahhhh, yi yi yi yi come on


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
What you mother fuckers invented
Is the craziest nigga that ever been invented
ha ha ha ha ha
Most know, don't front on Ol' Dity Bastard
ha ha ha ha
I call on Jesus
There's no obstacles that you have to jump
There's no walls that you have to climb
This is real, this is elementary dear
Elementary, Watson, Elementary
I ain't no pictue on your fore wall, necklace wearin' beard
You don't want this money till it's rich
Go against the grain, I got the p
I know you don't recognize me now
I dunked your tongue
How many lightening bulbs do it take to light up a fuck mode
Brothers, people, you'd better get the fuck off of me
We don't need it, it gets more ugly
Fools tryin' to bust their ass
Tryin' to get away from me when I said my real name
I call myself in the niggas butthole
All the same, all the same, all the same

[Ozzy Osborune]
Ain't nowhere to run
Ain't nowhere to hide
Ain't nowhere to go
Reaper saved your soul

ahhh yi yi yi yi
What, mother fucker
Don't try to psychology my shit, mother fucker
'cause you'll never psychology it, mother fucker
Never, never, never, mother fucker, never

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Artist: Mad Soul Child

Title: Nowhere To Run

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