I'm Wit Dat Lyrics

Artist: Compton's Most Wanted

Yo, eiht and chill
It's a rumour going around sayin
Compton's most wanted ain't funky enough
Like we can't cut it, or somethin like that
Personally, i don't know where the rumour got started
But anyway, in the meantime
Eiht, you're the first one up on this demo
Set the record straight

[ verse 1: mc eiht ]
As i commence with the def dope strategy
Of the lyrics i'm bustin, suckers tend to get mad at me
Fill it to the limit at the top of my cup
Press your luck, lose a buck as you get tossed up
I presume that you fools wanna get some
As the bass starts to boom i begin to get real dumb
Downest is the eiht from the c-p-t
Floor a punk in a minute tryin to fuck with me
Or try to stick up, so watch me kick up a little dust
Stupid little punk, eiht'll all-out bust
Compton's most w-a-n-t-e-d
Top choice, best, can't fade the rest
Hah! eiht is only good for steady dumpin
Geah, unknown and slip be like bumpin
High, cause you're so fly - dud
Kick back with the pack, and i get high off the bud'
Cause i'm with that

Yeah, eiht, that was like funky
I think that'll do the trick
But chill - you're next up to bat on this
You with it

[ verse 2: tha chill ]
Yo, let's go, another star
The p-a-r-t-n-e-r
Of the e, the back-and-forth, the mic-switchin
And the lyrics eiht write be like pitchin
Rough, cause the rhythm makes your goosebumps pump
I could drop you in a minute, so shut up, chump
I'm down for doin, won't be called no punk
Rag a pack, crackerjack, hit the endo blunt
Chill, will get ill, so get real
Still, let me kill, and you can pay up the bill
The lyrics that i bust make you brag and boast
How cmw rocks the fresh west coast
Eiht and chill, two fresh afro-americans
Dj mike t is down with me
3 the hard way is the way that it goes
Just another dumb victim with a swoll' up nose
Because i'm with that

cool, i'm with it --> the d.o.c.

[ verse 3: mc eiht ]
3rd verse, i'm here to cause a little shock
Down to rock round the block while you're ridin my jock
The coolest, geah, i got to play it cool
Keep it calm, no alarm while i dis a fool
Unlike a pumped-up there's no need for gettin hostile
Get hip and take a sip of chicken bottle
In other words, i could be drunk as a skunk
And i still won't waste time to get up with a punk
It's competition that makes me wanna push, push
Grab a skee next to me, start to water her bush
A battle against a roody-poo punk like that
Will mean that the eiht will have to peel your cap
Chap, so wake up to pay attention to what i'm sayin
Won't stop sprayin, won't stop slayin
Won't give a break to a fool who's fake
Want a challenge you can come and challenge the eiht
Cause i'm with that

get on it
the music just turns me on

[ verse 4: tha chill ]
I run you wreckless when i see that you are fake
Leave you breathless, because i got the back of eiht
On the mike, i take care of business, i do my job
Don't preprare, just beware when i'm ready to squab
Make a note, program it in your memory bank
Unlike a boat i won't sink, cause i'm rough as a tank
Surprisin, realizin of who i am
Compton's most wanted mc, and i don't give a damn
Jokers think it's funky, no time for a fake
Sucker punks try to steal the dope rhymes that i make
My homeboy mike t cuts like a savage
And unknown and slip does damage
So go ahead, and perpetrate like you're with it
You'll be caught, you'll be fought, you'll be stalked in a minute

Geah chill
That's how we handle that business
Butterin em up, this boy
geah, i'm with it

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