Maintaining Lyrics

Artist: Krs-One

Gotta watch out for them critters
I get the party live, common sense will get the party live huh x4
Verse 1:
I was born in chicago raised on planet rock talking zsa zsa zsa zsa,
Catch knock my tape like beats uh, i'm fresh as fruits,
You pussy mc, it's you i rebuke, repent
You burn up you got me bit, i'm coming as ebit
Got on big hoes at freaknit, frequently your telling me
Won and worn your rockets, so, he ain't put no scratch in my pocket
Yo heard, with my head i cock it, and rock it like that brother in
Cause i want y'all to live, my crew is 2 live, we sneakin' to the rear
But i can't get us all in free what it's just another case of that

Dollar mc
I rock the same clothes 3 days straight to you they wrinkled but to my
Now i'm straight are you straight i'm straight as long as i got beer
I thought about it jack, and now i'm out of here
maintain the rock
I get the party live, common sense will get the party live, huh don't
The rock x4
Verse 2:
I need me some new socks, i need me some new drawers
I draws attention, like a letter to a sargent
Theres a few good mc's the wack i'm giving code red
Slim say i got nobody but when they see me at the party they be like
go head, go head, cause i gots the cuts like bobby, rappers are
Choppin' they demo, i do it like big red
My office hours are from 9 to 5, while you avoid the party i make it
The fellas nod and the chicks dance
While i'm coolin' in my jumpers and my big pants
I'm as dope as pcp, mc's see me and start having flashbacks
I don't flash scratch, i gotta watch my back
Now a days blacks don't know how to act, besides larry fishburn
Charles jug and wesly snipes, marks wanna test me because i test the
I check 'em like sound, and like loose i'm down
Plus i done got better since soul by the pound, i maintain
Hook x4
Verse 3:
I fall fresh apon the spirit, with the lyric that's overwhelming
And house more hoes then spellman, worse unwelcome like james johnston
My brains sponcering speech on the mic, i'm like a jackson
Rappers i'm fondaling, they try to settle out of court
But i, could never be bought, what type of rebel eats pork
I'll take the cat and never get caught, you wack together we fought
Cause i can't see my melons boxing if he's not boxin' with 'em
I don't care who started it, i'm gonna be apart of it
Regardless of the odds of how hard
It's been many times we was outnumbered and we still got with them
I got rhythm from some boogers and some foxes
But if i becomes a 10 then some brothers all some gin
And i got juice, and this niggas scared
I'll f your head up, like the l.a. 4, when i flow for cash i got for
Like mel for moore
Why should a male with a b8 get more then me
When rashid got an mc degree, and a doctorine in rockin' shit i go to
To get
A fishwish with cheese, i don't mix with mcs, cause i just don't like
But i'm still maintaining

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