Origins And Endings Lyrics

Artist: Winds Of Plague

It begins when the time comes in
And brings forth a dead current,
A motion set for certain demise.
We watched them come from the depths,
But we couldn't see it 'till we looked in their eyes.
Behind the mask the demon resides,
The meat was stripped from their bones.
We Destroy.
Burn it all down,
Put them back underground,
This is a day that I promise
You will not forget.
With the heart of a warrior,
I rise with all I have left.
I watched as the walls crumbled,
Backed with a burning sky, legions fell.
They left with a mission complete,
Genocide fulfilled, leave me for dead.
Mis-creation of revenge beats through my veins,
Empires that once rivaled us fell from the sky.
Beg for life as you return to earth.
The world will bow to me.
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