What's The Altitude Lyrics

Artist: Cut Chemist

We Made The Perfect Day When
We Played The Night And Sun
She Said She Couldnt Stay When
Her Night Had Just Begun
She Wanted Me To Know What
She Didnt Know Herself
Said I Was One Of Main Lovers
Hey Now Thats Somethin Else
She Played A Vocal Mission
I Played The Cosmic Heart/Part
Wanted To Paint Her Picture
She Said Dont Even Start
She Said Loves Like A Drug An
That This Was Chemistry
But With These Chemicals Then
How Is This Good For Me
Her Life Gets Better She Read
Her Mangles Out Of His Head
Like Birds Of A Feather So We Bled
Lets Go To Gether And She Said
So Whats The Altitude
I Said Its Out Of Sight
Whats With The Atitude An
She Said Its All Right
She Said Lets Get Away Now
Lets Go Down By The Bay Now
She Turned Her Hair My Way Now
Watch Out What You Say Now
Now The Things Youve Been Through Make It Seem Like Nothing Could Ever Really Last Forever But If You Try
Girl We Can Do Some Things
She Gave Me Head Phones
Said Have You Heard This Sound
I Think Ive Heard This One Its
Totally Underground An
I Wouldnt Let Her Go Then
She Wouldnt Let Me Go
Just Ask The Neighbors Man
Its Unbelievable
I Played The Morning Lies/Rise An
She Played The Setting Sun
She Said Its Allright
We Party All Night
We Made The Perfect Day When
Said I Was One Of The Main Lovers
We Played The Vocal Mission
To Play The Cosmic Stye
How Can We Make The Distance
Youve Always Known By Eye
Were Letting People Know What
We Now Know Ourselves
Now We Are One Of My Lovers
Hey Now Thats Something Else
You Know Ive Heard This One Girl
Lets Get Outta Town
This Love Is Like A Drug An
We Bonded Chemically
We're Letting You Know Better
Livin Through Chemistry

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Artist: Cut Chemist

Title: What's The Altitude

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