Night Life Lyrics

Artist: Dilated Peoples

Night life..
Ready to spit
Tags what evidence
Cross the planet
Step it up this year weather man
The times right, sleep all day to wake up for night life
Ready to spit
When it drops, gonna hit
We step it up, no doubt the times right
Sleep all day to wake up for night life

Start every verse with something to quote:
the devil you know, is better than the devil you don't
Last year.. a test, true colors where shown
Kings remained in chess on the board and life in thrones
Music catch the force of my mic
Thats why at night i be out postin' up my own snipes
For years i sat back, played the role, what for
This here disc, hear us raw
Can't fake it anymore
Check it out: you now witness the scenes
2nd release, expansion team
Shit thumps, shine bright headlights seen on
The like laser beams drive fast things and tee green


You know these nights ain't gettin' any longer
Put your best out and bail
You never know, you might get stronger
I stood back a bit, take punchlines out raps been more legitimate

Solidify our place in the game, pleasure with pain
Tropical flow: see sun but feel rain
Its easy to seclete yourself up in the mix
That's why its good to get out at night and holler at chicks
I take it back before studio racks,
Around the time my life when i swore
That the mic was a device not to be taken light


Night life...
Cans get shook, the walls get bombed
This is the time when shadow rocks get thrown
At your tinted car windows sound off the alarm
This is the time you execute your plan
While other people sleep, jewels get ran
In get away vans exit off ramps
Smaller operations are shops bigger one camps
Rock knots in pocket pants
Got the advance, and back for my back end in hands
And things ain't always what they seem from a glance
But up close shit'll change your whole prespective
Shadows close in, you realize you ain't protected


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