That's You Lyrics

Artist: Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire-that's you

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We not rich like y'all that's one thing y'all goin have to understand
But one day this year, we will be
Because we have Barack Obama
Haters hate they can relate
I'm shinin and living good
I got haters all on my dick
Try to take my chips
I wish you would I wish you would
I know boys goin playa hate
But I still keep my mind on the do
And it don't matter cause I don't really mess with you
So what'cha need to do is leave me alone
That what it is
That's You
Playas get choose as the groupies try to pick me
You standing around me try'na pretend you with me
I ain't F-ing with you
Look at this stripper that's conversating with me
Ain't working but act like you ain't finna tip me Damn skippy
That's You
Calling with all of that begging on my phone
Like the message say get to begging at the tone you know that
That's You
Always be whining bout how I did ya wrong
Then your the reason I jacked this song
I ain't F-ing with you
This every rapper that made it like they garbage
I ain't F-ing with you
Always got negative stuff to say regardless
That caddy clean but I don't like the way it's polished
I ain't F-ing with you
Always be bumpin like you finna do something to someone
But when they show up they do nothing, stop frontin
That's You
Know you a hater that's end of the discussion
You mad cause I got a lot and you got nothing
I ain't F-ing w

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