Not Miserable Lyrics

Artist: Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit - Not Miserable
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Well this is easier now
I've found all the pieces that I lost in the flood
And it wasn't that much
And though it's easier now
I will always remember the night that I almost drowned
All alone in a house
And the love that I lost
With all of the shit that came out in the wash
Just a pocket of fluff
And I'm not put upon
I'm free from disease, no grays, no liver spots
Most of the misery's gone
Gone, gone to the bone
I am
Not miserable now
No one knows
I'm not miserable
So the hymns that I sung
Prayers for the fucked, from a bitter, forked tongue
Sing of history now
Though the corners are lit
The dark can return with the flick of a switch
It hasn't turned on me yet, yet

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