Always Feel This Way Lyrics

Artist: Tristan Prettyman

Ohh no don't you come at me
With that look you got so down
You got me floating like a bubble
Ever since you came around

And even strangers seem to notice
And all my friends can tell
To keep you comin' I just keep on running
But your lovin' tripped me and I fell

I hope I always
Always feel this way
Always feel this way

Pushin' my buttons like we're on the elevator
Keep your eyes on this, but savin' it for later
Cause we never rushed, and we always took our time
Make sure to make me yours, I'll make sure to make you mine

And then we'll always, always
Feel this way
Always feel this way

Cause you got what I want
You got what I need
Baby I don't wanna settle for no other
Can't you see
All you need is me

To always feel this way….

So if you're wishin' on stars
You better go out and get it
Cause you if you want it bad enough
You won't stop until you have it

Don't let them tell you
What you can and cannot do
You've got to see it through
Like you always knew

It'd feel this way…

Always feel this way
Never gonna change
And always feel this way…
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