06 Rap Up Lyrics

Artist: Skillz

hat you want me to do?.... sorry.... I'm back (S-K-I-double L-Z)

It's not a diss song.... It's a real song.

It's ya boy SKILLZ,

and I'm fixin to act up

Since ya'll keep askin about the '06 rap up

yea, pull up a chair, i'll tell you what i'm gon do

for you and yours, hold the applause, this is the year in review

steelers stole the superbowl, let's give it up for them

and eminem he gave in,

got married to kim

the violence started hip hop was sorta rolling the dice

you hata's almost stole the life of the homie obie trice (that's right)

and then chappelle's show came back on

but after a few episodes it was clear he was gone

and i hate to see the homie dave go

but i love that show about the spoiled 16 year olds

and two indian chicks,

they damn neared had me cryin'

but she was like, "duh go get your hair done like mine"

what else, uhh let me see

that's around the time when cam came after Jay-Z

the oscar's got down with the p-i-m-p

and 3-6 kept it cool when they was on tv

then T.O. switched teams, but i didn't notice

cause i was getting some, getting some,

you know what i mean

dmx got bagged again, driving while black

while his wife did a hundred with his kids in the back

what you know about that, T.I. made it clear

you might sell but you won't top the king this year

and Joc and Nitty, came with a brand new sound

everybody went to the mall, it was going down

we all did the motorcycle two times with your shoulders

but after tom cruise did it,

for me it was over

Dick Chenney crazy with the 12 guage

and everybody and they mama got a myspace page

and yea we all got the 'itus'

mine is myspace dot com back slash 'your ghost writer'

cheap plug, yea no doubt, take some chicken noodle soup

let it rain... uh clear it out

and russell and camora they decided to stop it

and ya jeans had to have some designs in the pockets

dallas austin,

yea dude got screwed

we ain't look at T.V. we just went to you tube

everyday i'm hustlin

but it's not rap if you just saying the same thing twice

the rumor was rhianna was doing jay

christina milian went public, with Cool and Dre

'just say i' was the first selection

should have named it just say i,

ain't selling no records

and janet jackson flopped hard

gnarls barkley dropped 'crazy' to the web on purpose

that song was everywhere, even foxy heard it

and cassie and la toya came on the seen

but i was too busy doing my 'shoulder lean'

lil kim came home, from doing the ben

is it me, or when she came out she was looking like 'big'

time to switch up, rappers took it there

wyclef and ludacris, they all cut their hair

and ya boy ne-yo, he went with the baldy of course

but if you seen his hair line, he didn't have no choice

the divorces got bad then downright shook you

first bobby and whitney then k-fed and britney

and k-fed, your rap career is through

ron artessa almost sold more cd's then you

nas said hip hop was dead, but northern cats

spent all year trying to bring new york back

ya'll need to lighten up son, get a hug

the only time new york came back was on the flavor of love

and T.O. took pills, tryin to get himself higher

but if your like me, ya got hooked, watchin the wire

man boodie should have looked over his shoulder

and we know because we had the bootleg before the season was over

a lot of rappers got shot, and didn't shoot

word on the street is they got dropped by chris and snoop

pharrell and Kanye put number 1 to work

you looking suspect gay, button up that shirt

ya'll fools must be crazy,

if you thought that i, was gonna forget about lil wayne and baby

i know ya'll dudes for being flashy, but with ya'll teeth

now ya'll kissin' , that's just nasty

and mel gibson, he took a loss

your record got no push son, if jay-z was your boss

to get a PS3 , you had to hunt

and snoop got the record for getting arrested the most times in a month

beyonce said dream girls was heaven's sin

but i hear that girl's been dreaming about getting a breath mint

her man HOV came back hot,

he was like i'm so independent flex, that i might buy cops

that's good business jay, do that, yea

cause cops they had two big records this year

ya boy stout, might advise you to go that route

cause everybody was ballin and walkin it out

but not everybody really, cause A.I. he's still ballin, he just ain't doing in philly

kramer dropped the n word, man dude is crazy

so madonna, won't you show him your new baby

justin timberlake brought sexy back

is it me or he was trying to get next to the blacks?

we lost dillon and ed bradley and my man p
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