Die Mother Fuckers Lyrics

Artist: Office Space

Verse 1:

[Willie D]

back up in yo ass with the ressurection,

its the group, harder than an erection that shows no affection,

they wanna ban us on capital hill,

cause its die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas, still,

[Bushwick Bill]

all along it was the ghetto, nuthin but the ghetto,

takin short steps, one foot, at a time and kept my head low,

ill never let go, cause if i let go,

ill be spineless, IM GOIN INSAAAAANE


i think my mind just,

goes out of control and judge on subjects mutha fuckas read about,

i touch on the shit they believe without,

ive seen this mutha fucka's nine spoken,

ive seen the same nigga, with a nine, die with his eyes open,

and simply what this means is,

he didnt know every dog had his day, until he seen his,

i bet you mutha fuckas will too,

cause its die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas, still foo


die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas, still foo,

die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas still,

(repeat 4x)

Verse 2:

[Bushwick Bill]

ahh fuck, chucks on a killin spree again,

with guillotine for men,

i walk around town with a frown on my face,

fuck the whole world, gonna catch a murder case, the murder rate,


may increase if you caught up in the world while its dyin,

i guarantee you frighten, cause i am,

on the verge of knockin mutha fuckas out for no reason,

once i get down theres no breathin, it seems when,

mutha fuckas wanna calm down, put his palm down,

seems i gots to lay the law down, now its on pow,

what you wanna do, im askin you,

[Willie D]

step to 'Face, ill break yo ass in 2, bastard you,

now they swear im in some fuckin hot tar,

before you fuck with willie d, cause what i got for it,

yo ass'll make you shit your meal,

cause its die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas, kill,


Verse 3:


how many niggas brought they eyes tonight,

how many niggas wanna ride tonight,

pick out our victims when the time is right,

we get they ass up off the corner cause they die tonight,

[Willie D]

niggas be all up in my muud,

but its a different story when the mutha fucka's coughin up blood,

[All together]

when he die,

look him in his eye,

bust it as he cry,

[Willie D]

i bust another cap in his ass, and he die time is 5,

[Bushwick Bill]

but now they tryin,

niggas be shootin to give,

like they for real, but when it jumps, they aint got no murda skills,

so we'll just, chop some down, watch some fall,

and cut they ass head to toe, jaw to jaw,

[Willie D]

? i bet yo bitch ass holler,

cause ima put a hole in yo head,

the size of a half a dollar,

[All together]

fuck around and get yo cap peeled,

cause this is


die mutha fuckas, die mutha fuckas, still

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Artist: Office Space

Title: Die Mother Fuckers

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