Through The Test Of Time Lyrics

Artist: Patti Austin

For the first time in my life
Boy, I'm not afraid of saying
How I really feel inside
We don't have to go on waiting
Just think about it
Together you and I
I could never try to write a better story
For the pages of my life you must have written for me
'Cause every line found a way into my heart

So we take it one day at a time
And leave all our worries behind
No matter which road that we choose
As long as we got each other
No way we can lose
We can make it through love
Through the test of time

When you look back on the days
Boy, you tried so hard to reach me
But I never saw the way
Till you took the time to teach me
And I found out what it's all about

Time and again I must say
How lucky I feel to have found you
Oh and I pray everyday that this feeling goes on forever
and ever

If I've got you and you've got me
Then we'll be as happy as we can be

If I love you baby and you love me too
Then there ain't nothin' that we can't go through
Through the test of time...
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