Revolution Lyrics

Artist: Aztlan Underground

If you got the anger
Then it's time to get it managed
Throw your fist in the air
Let's do some damage
Build it up now you let it all out
Scream inside your head
Now you're ready for the bout
The battle, the fight, the war within yourself
It's easier to forget and put it on the shelf
Therapeutic therapy
Now I'm dealing with my hate
You put that shit up on someone else's plate
Whoever said time heals all wounds
Didn't feel the pain cuz the pain always looms
Down deep inside your soul
Lost inside your head
Now only time is in control
Now only time is in control


I've managed to handle and curb my aggression
Live music has become my group session
Every time I perform I learn a new lesson
Don't forget to put your answers in the form of a question
What is the way out of oppression-3x
Don't forget to put your answer in the form of a question
500 and sick years without your mama
Is the driving force behind all this drama
Xikano neurosis, chickens without heads
Deuce 4-7 like the living dead
No sense of self is how you function
But the sexto sol is under construction
Bringing back all that we lost
And introspection is the only cost
Like tezcatlipoca and the smoking mirror
We invoke the creator of the far and near
La cultura cura, ancient medicine
Ingest your identity let the healing begin

[Chorus] 2X

We must understand how we came to be
How we view the world how we think we see
We came to be via rape and aggression
And hence a psychoanalytical question
Why is their sickness within the family
And why is there abuse from A to Z
Domestic violence and child molestation
Are the consequences of a conquered nation
Domestic violence and child molestation
Are the consequences of a conquered nation!

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Artist: Aztlan Underground

Title: Revolution

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