No Sense Lyrics

Artist: Candlebox

Feelin' fine
The fire won't burn out
Taste the sign
The trees won't come out
Seeing traffic driving by
Maybe you won't see me again
Cause I'm needed
Needed more and more every day
Someone takes my mind away
Tells me that it's time to go
You wanna help me
As I'm fallin' down
I don't need you
Lies they won't surface
Your mind it wanders on over
Someone take on my mind
I'm losin' you in time
Maybe that man he's standing by me
My head won't take this all alone
Someone they wanna tell you
Maybe you would suffer
Tell me once again I'm under cover
Someone wanna feel like
Someone wants to feel like
I don't need you
Your lies they won't surface
Your mind it wanders
Oh over again
Shoudl I dose my eyes again
Once again
Maybe someone will come and rescue me
Should I beg your forgiveness
Yes I've fallen on my own
Someone take a picture
Put your camera away
Someone take today as traffic passes by
Never see
You never see it all
I don't need you
Your lies they won't surface
Your mind it wanders oh over, again
I don't need you
Your lies they won't surface
My mind it wanders oh over again
No sense

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