Erase Me Lyrics

Artist: Ben Folds Five

What was our home
Paper not stone
A lean-to at most
And when you pulled your half away
Gravity won
Like it always does
Did I weigh a ton?
Would it be easier to just delete
Our pages and the plans we made?

Erase me
So you don't have to face me
Put me in the ground and mow the daisies
Ah, the memory, see how it goes
When you

Erase me
Erase me

So what will you do
With no me for you?
I know what we said
But what if I left a thing or two
We know that you don't seem
To think about what you need
'til you reach to find that you've

Erased me
What the fuck is this?
You're crazy, turned around

In two weeks time replaced me
Ah, the memory everybody knows
How it goes you just

Erase me
Did me like a bro and tazed me
Fireworks - poof - it's gone, amazing
New bio, you've gone solo
Drawing mustaches on our wedding photo

Erase me
Erase me
Erase me...


Erase me
This is us shouting, baby
Erase me
Do we call the cops now, baby?
Ah, the memory everybody knows
About the brand new home

Erase me
And you'll never have to face me
Erase me
Option-Command-Escape me
And if you feel nothing
Guess what I'll wanna be
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