The Enemy Within Lyrics

Artist: Cherry Poppin' Daddies

He's my evil twin
He's the enemy inside me
It's me against him and i hate his wicked grin
But we're brothers to the end
He will break your heart but i'll do my best to stop him
He's ticking like a bomb
I adore you but he forks his tongue
I'm just not myself today

I try to smile, but the creature lurks right below
I just can't keep the lid on of the enemy in my soul
He tears down all the things i worked so hard for
I'm gonna get my gun and kill the enemy within

Round and around i go
Caught by the undertow
I can't escape myself at midnight
Footsteps and shadows swirl
The prince of the underworld chases me through the fog at midnight

He wants you to approve
Fears he will be called a failure
He plays cat and mouse with you
But i don't know who is more the fool
His jekyll or his hyde
Fly above the multitudes
Or just give them what they're used to
He's lit by candlelight
His quill is full of blood and spite

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