The Push Remix Lyrics

Artist: Cast Of Ghost - The Musical

feat. Superb
[Superb Beretta 9]
This is for all y'all wanna be
Millitant, Camoflauge Y'all niggas ain't raw
Word up, we 'bout to show you how it's done Word up man
How to rock the boots Like this
The camoflauge Great damn nigga White
The guns The big ones that go..

[Beretta 9]
Yo, watch for the shrapnel admiral
Didn't know the kid was tactful
My missles whistle at you spactual, subtract you
Surrender all, we got you
Blitzkrieg, fahtis bleed, it's natural
The Army, take out your front line calmly - you like that
Tell the Cap' the kids back the Millitant
My regiment be five percent put Steelo in
This one for my die-hard niggas, watch yo' back
Or wind up in the graveyard, in Allah tint
Ask the fans, it's the Gods again
And if we got to, then we kill again

Louie under, we're making another push
Get your people together.. lieutenant
I got nothin left
Dig a little deeper

Yo.. Up all night writin darts
Sniffin the pure, Christmas Eve '99 reminiscin and shit
Bout who got hit, Bout who got bitch
Bout who bitches that is, who got kids and
Who sell crack, who a rapper now
Who money-washin, who was P.O.
Try to get him lockied up but his bitch is C.O.
And she gon' tell the captain, he gon' buy him a boat
The cap' gon' tell the judge, he gon' buy him a goat And
The judge gon' tell the D.A., he gon' buy him some coke
The D.A. gon' tell his lawyer that his client can go
And, all y'all niggas mad I got the iron from Ghost
And, Chef still cookin what you tryin to get roast
Bobby'll beat that ass, Meth do a show in ya coats
And Cappadonna, the Masta will Kill ya
You fuckin with a true master, fuckin with power
You fuckin with the Wu bastards, fuckin with ours
We the most livest, most largest, squadrant
Sergeants in Africa, thugs from America
Live from New York, straight from Florida City
All shitty, screamin Play more Biggie
Hood like you blowin, per blow more quickly
Still poppin pain that cause four-fifty
I ain't know they was young, I just like short bitches

Yo, you fucked up when you crossed my line
I got the nine, pointed at ya back spine
So feel the heat, as I let the lead tear your meat
Cuz I represent the real niggas from the streets
I'm comin trough blackdown, with the fat tre' pound
Strapped, cocked back
While my right-hand man plays a role in the back,
with the mack - Subject to murderous art,
This nine'll script, niggas get finked up
In this rap game, it's madly insane
So don't go against the grain, or get your life tooken
With ya head chopped off, placed in a plastic bag,
its Central booking, forever kings

[9th Prince]
Aiyyo I spit verses that'll bury you beneath the surface
A murder this like voodoo curses
9th Prince forever nervous, analog niggas is short-circuit
Killa be killas the purpose
Guns in holsters what the earth is, musical apocalypse
Run up on the label, hold the A and R for a hostage
Limps from four-footers who's with it, go 'head spit it
The weed and dust makes me kill shit, kill shit...

The way I see it, we've got two choices
We can settle for being slaughtered in the push tomorrow
Or we can take those tanks out tonight..
If we do it, it's just us
We'll slip past the lines unchecked
Just another sorry-ass patrol
Lemme get this straight
Yesterdauy your point was Section 8
You wanna lead some renegade force against their tanks

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Artist: Cast Of Ghost - The Musical

Title: The Push Remix

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