Tiny Alien Lyrics

Artist: Katie Melua

Katie Melua - Tiny Alien
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Who are you my tiny alien
Why do you love to hide
What can you see inside
I won't make a sound
I won't shoot you down
With my science, and reliance on everything I thought I knew
When you're not of this earth
You won't know what you're worth
You've just got to take the pressure together
Or you'll never survive in this world
Tiny alien
What are you here to do
How can I talk to you
What's my DNA
Can you make it change
So I can gain new insight and take flight
And never feel any pain
Just how far can you fall
When you still feel so small
Will you love me through the sorrows tomorrows
Whatever the future will bring
We are just skin and bones
Why are we so alone

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