Trapped By Love Lyrics

Artist: Manu Chao

love is a battlefield
:pat benatar
we are young, heartache to heartache we stand, no promises, no demands
love is a battlefield
we are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong
searchin' our hearts for so long
from the first knowing, love is a battlefield
you're makin' me go, then makin' me stay, why do you hurt me so bad
it would help me to know, do i stand in your way
or am i the best thing you've had
believe me, believe me, i can't tell you why
but i'm trapped by your love and i'm chained to your side
when i'm losing control, will you turn me away or touch me deep inside
and if all this gets old, will it still feel the same
there's no way this will die
but if we get much closer i could lose control
and if your heart surrenders you'll need me to hold

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