Running Lyrics

Artist: Kris Allen

When you fall you're falling hard
And you wonder what is gonna be
The next time you endure
Face-down with your hands slightly under your feet
Where will you go when the dark finally snuffs you out
When you're feeling a little down and out
Running from it all

Don't you get a little doubt looking back over your shoulder
Maybe soon you'll realize that it's all in your head
But oh no, no
The dust you're kicking up will fade away
Someone will pick you up and say
That it's okay
That you're running from it all

And will you think you've gotten it down
Or maybe you just lost yourself and don't know how
And sometimes don't take it now
Won't you take it, catch your breath, and you'll find out
That you're running from yourself
Running from yourself

Oh, running from yourself
Someday you will open it up
'Til that day, I won't give up
Until you're done
Running from it all


Lrc by Kyle from LK Lyrics Group

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