Ridiculous Lyrics

Artist: Paper Lions

feat. Dakari
Uh, bounce, uh, bounce, bounce

Hey yo, pigeons, chickens, birds, poodles uh huh
They understand me like I'm Dr. Dolittle uh huh
Except for those dogs that like to talk doo doo um
You know what I do to dogs like you Stage you ow
I ain't new to this, 'cept for that gray 6
Pull that out, and get all ya'll believin'
Shit keep ridiculous uh, shit keep playin' it ah
Callin' me Ron Isley your Contagious haha
What you talkin' for, huh What you takin' dog
Your whips sittin' on a statutory rape charge
What that mean, your rims under 18
Get your Milli Vanilli flow away from me get outta here
K-Mart rap you need to bring it back, *scratch* bring it back uh
My or my jack, like that nigga, Smilez is where it's at

Cause I jumps out the whips uh
Belly full of Cris yeah
With dimes on my hips
Now tell me, what you call this

Ridiculous, ridiculous, 35 girls on the floor, just shakin' it
Can't hold yours Yo we takin' it
Chumps in the corner, steady hatin' 'is

Ridiculous, ridiculous, better watch out, we conspicuous uh oh
Got in on lock Yo we takin' it come on
We livin' this, ridiculous let's go

First MTV to BET, radio to TV, video to CD
We be, the cats settin' them trends, makin' them ends
Stay with them ticks that get rated as ten
We steppin' on them, slide over give me some room
This a best of 7 series Then give me a broom
I got girls all over, wantin' me as they groom
When all the cats that try South, layin' under a tomb
You think I'm gonna lose haha, you must not seen the news
Have your whole family, start singin' the blues
Want to be like us, but you can't fit in our shoes
Just light up a match, I dare ya'll to spark up a fuse
We about to explode, me and Smilez travel the globe
This ain't a game, us and ya'll, we not the same
We the lions in a cage, that can't be tamed
So the only think to do, is keep payin' your dues

ATL drop bows, St. Lou fo' sho', New York light po, O-town we so, we so


Uh, uh, yo I'm glad they thinkin', comin' with a drink and
To the club, don't he note, just our season
That her, not the one who two face kid
At 11, quick to heaven, but snuff your face in

How can you say, in the winter, we don't make it feel like its May
We ain't the best you heard of in your day
Stop lyin' to yourself
Yeah I'm cocky, arrogant, sound conceited, but look I got you callin' for help

Man its so hard to choose coochie, gold or platinum
Shit when it comes to that, I try stack paper I chose
Lawsuit it up
Bented cap tilted forward
In LA, I drop my whip a little lower

A '96 Max, headin' in the dog kennel
Get your hairline pushed back if you want play around the world
A full court press, ya'll cats couldn't handle
Once we come out, blow you out like a candle woo

Girls show love uh, when we show up uh

[Chorus] - 2X

[Talking behind chorus, and after - w/ variations]
Uh huh, c'mon, uh, that's right, ya'll know, Southstar, uh, Smilez, Dakari!
Got your niggas trust me, sucka, yeah, talk to 'em, ha
It's over ya'll, right here, Dakari
Ya'll ain't ready, start prayin' niggas, we not playin' niggas
Trust me

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Artist: Paper Lions

Title: Ridiculous

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