All I Want Is You Lyrics

Artist: Roxy Music


Somebody told me
Just the other day
That you?re leaving me
We?re through
Well if you knew
How it hurt me so
Then you?d change your mind
I?m sure
Don?t want to hear
What?s going on
I don?t care
What?s new
Don?t want to know
About anything
'cause all I want
Is you
Going out with other girls
Was always such a bore
But since I fell in love with you
I need you more and more
Don?t want to know
About one-night-stands
Cut-price souvenirs
All I want is
The real thing
And a night that lasts
For years.
If you ever change your mind
I?ve a certain cure
An old refrain, it lingers on
L?amour, toujours l?amour...
Don?t want to learn
About etiquette
From glossy magazines
Why should I try
To talk correct
Like they do
In another scenes
Say no more
About imagery
You?re starting to confuse
Just make an offer
Of more romance
Of course I can?t refuse
All I want is you
Oo oo i?m all cracked up on you.
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