Tone Burst Lyrics

Artist: Stereolab

What you decide to be is what you are
Your only way ahead your way to go far
Your reasons that you do who you really are
The decisions in your head it will be far
Prejudice does no service to you
Break your shackles it's up to you
Be your own master owe it to you
Self-doubt inner you, I believe
It's hard in this cruel world to be who you are
It might mean hardship it might take a while
Struggle, conflict, causes they all have their power
Don't let anyone hurt your heart
Your desire... broken truths blew
But you don't see what we will use upon you
Refuse to blink when that thing wants you to
You can't take your life hypnotized
Don't let anyone hurt your heart
You have an evil side of you
We can live apart in the end
What I decide to be is what I am
What you invest with it is in my command
My reasons that you do won't? deal? with romance
I wanna stress myself to be who I am
? Toss 'em off? is the best I can do
Why kill a man to achieve other things? explain, very cruel
Self-doubt inner you, I still bleed
I don't let anyone hurt my heart
Don't want to be taken apart
I have innocence in the end
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