Declaration Day Lyrics

Artist: Iced Earth

A desperate situation
Forced to retaliation
The task ahead, a burden
Men will suffer, that's for certain
We'll charge into the fire
The cause, we must inspire
We raise our fist to tyranny
A high price, Freedom is not free

The odds are stacked against us
But with our resolve relentless
And arrogance their Weakness
Our cause is just, we won't be beaten
Upon this declaration
Will come a brand new nation
Where men are seen as equal
Governed by and for the people

So we make our stand and pray
On this declaration day
For independence I will fight

With liberty I will defy
So we make our stand and pray
On this declaration day
Give me liberty or give me death
I'll fight 'till my last breath

With virtue as our beacon
Our cause is charged as treason
Battle worn and starving
Through the hell of war we'll keep marching
The birth of our new nation
An act of desperation
We'll force king George down o his knees

Repeat Chorus

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